Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Yom Tov Bookshelf

Finally finished (a reread, though the copy I got out was large print and entitled Down Under)…


A “new read” that I discovered I’d already read most of the way through:


And just starting now…

(had to practically wrestle it away from YM, who tends to grab my interesting books the second they get in the door)

Yes, YM is back home.

He emailed me late on Friday to ask if he could come home, but I was out and then shut down the computer as soon as I got home, before I checked email. So he had a lovely steak dinner at my mother's. Sigh. Great punishment, but I suppose it was Yom Tov.

He came home all sheepish after shul on Shabbos to apologize ask if he could stay. I said yes.