Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What have you done to help your family today?

sukkah lunch 009My standard line.   On days off, they are expected to help.  My only other expectation is that they spend at least an hour out of the house.  I’m actually a big pushover, really.

Elisheva:  “I’ll wash dishes – for five minutes.”

Me:   “Forget five minutes.  That’s not really very much.”

Her:  “Then I’ll wash all the dishes; well…”

Me:  “Wash as many as you think is fair.”

So she did.  Not all of them, in fact, there are still lots left.

But at least there are not LOTS and lots like there were to begin with.  And okay, she washed the easy stuff.  But she did tackle the cheese grater; that’s helpful.  It gives me hope that I will be able to finish the rest of them in not too much time today, because I’m still totally wiped out from Yom Tov, parties, outings, etc.

She’s on her best behaviour today because her school is going to Niagara Falls tomorrow for a chol ha’moed trip.  Must be easier organizing a girls’ trip than a boys’ trip; with boys that age, you’d need to bring along portable sukkahs for 30-40 boys or more.  Or arrange to have one built there.  What a pain! 

Not fair to the boys, either, because I doubt anyone would go to all that trouble for them.  But then people do say the Torah is sexist… I guess that’s what they mean.