Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Week in Suppers

Last night:  Take-out "Chinese" in my mother's sukkah
Tonight:  Superstore chicken in our sukkah - I'll be out at my class but leaving food for the kiddies
Tomorrow (Wednesday):  Dunno... dare I serve chili again?  I finally found the Ortega Taco Seasoning we like so much, so maybe...
Thursday:  Fish - bought frozen sole so I'll probably just pan-fry it and do some simple stuff on the side.
Friday:  Shabbos!!!  Yom Tov!!!
Hee hee... as I write this, I'm paying Elisheva Chaya to wash the rest of the dishes!!!  She offered to do it for $2, but I couldn't in good conscience pay her that little, so I talked her up to $4.  :-)))