Wednesday, our unstructured day

Naomi, running in from her room:  "Just getting some... scissors!"
Me:  "What are they for?"
"Maybe... to cut, some... string!"
Me:  "How about you bring the string here, and bring the scissors here, so I can see what you're cutting?"
And here we are hanging about, me in pyjamas, and the kids are driving me crazy.
Gavriel Zev, with a filmy blue veil over his head:  "Princess?  Princess?"
Me:  "Yes, sweetie... you're a lovely princess."
To be fair, I'm still sick.  Still exhausted from a month of LOUSY breathing and LOUSY sleep.  And this awful lung-wracking cough is actually worse today, after a few days of believing I really was, once and for all, on the end.
Okay, that's still no excuse for the pyjamas.
And they are fighting like crazy!
Oh - and the computer has stopped being able to print Hebrew.  So after a goodly portion of time spent doing up a nice Zayin worksheet for Naomi Rivka... well, the whole thing printed out mostly blank.  Blah.
Maybe... maybe... not too cold outside yet.
Toss clothes on me, on the kids (blah, another day with no shower?!?!).
Okay, do the inhaler, shower, toss on my clothes, dress Gavriel Zev (mercifully, Naomi Rivka dressed herself already).
Make kids grilled cheese sandwiches out of last night's yummy bread.  Slice cucumber, throw milk in sippy cups.
Now, here's the key, here's what's getting me out the door today:  toss GZ in the carriage and WALK DIRECTLY TO STARBUCKS.
Then - imperative - DO NOT COME HOME!
Walk directly to Mrs. ViKi.  Lounge about watching my children eat and play contentedly.
Bring them home exhausted, dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep...
This is definitely the solution.
Now to get off my bottom and get it DONE.


  1. Oh gee, you shoulda come over here after your walk to Starbucks. The kids can play in the rain and we can watch them!


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