Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

A toddler trick that works on teens!

For chol ha'moed, I had three things I wanted to do in the 3 days the kids are hanging about:  Pioneer Village, Zoo and movie. 
Ted's home Friday, so I'm leaving GZ home with him and taking the other 3 to the movie that day, which left the first two choices.
Elisheva usually comes along pretty happily, but YM often complains and doesn't like getting dragged out to places, especially if he's not given enough warning or input.
So last night, YM and I looked at the weather and I told him he could choose which thing we went to on which day:  Pioneer Village or Zoo.
Today (Wednesday) I think was a 60% chance of rain, tomorrow (Thursday) was 10%.  Today looked cloudy and cold; Thursday looks sunny with at least a bit of warmth.
To me, Wednesday would have been a better zoo day because you can always just duck into a building and spend a big chunk of time there if the weather is horrible.  But he chose Pioneer Village for Wednesday, because "you're going in and out of buildings anyway."  I guess variety of buildings was the important thing for a cold, rainy day. 
So anyway, I didn't really mind either way, so today, off we went to Pioneer Village - with ZERO complaints from the boy; a new record!!!
Of course, we still have to see if he comes peacefully along to the zoo (I discovered our membership is still good 'till October 31st).  And if Elisheva comes along gracefully.  If she thinks all her eye-rolling and sighing and screaming don't rub off on the younger children, she's wrong.  They watch her and copy every single thing and I don't want them to start thinking the zoo isn't the coolest, most fascinating place to spend their free time!