The Surprise Vegan

Okay, world.  Here's just a general shout of frustration to all those vegans out there:  if you're coming to my house, LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME!
I really pride myself on being able to accomodate everything, food-wise.  I have fed Atkins people, I have fed veggie people, I have fed milk-intolerant people, citrus-intolerant people, vinegar-intolerant people.  People who can't have gluten, people who only eat yashan, people who can only have cholov yisrael (unless they're makpid on the keilim; sorry 'bout our pots!).  People who don't eat eggs, people who only eat eggs (maybe not).
The point is, don't SURPRISE me.  Let me know ahead of time.
I don't even make it difficult; I ASK ahead of time.
I have to say, this particular vegan was a lovely dinner guest, but it was frustrating because every single food item was completely off-limits for her.  I even had two soups I could have served, and chose the dairy-based one.  I made the most AMAZING veggie cabbage rolls, but tossed a couple of eggs in to help them bind better.  They would have been FINE without the eggs, I'm sure... if only I'd known.
And that was basically it; it was a simple supper.  Nice challah (used eggs instead of my regular recipe - luckily, she brought her own challah!), potato-leek soup, cabbage rolls.  Egg-based desserts, but luckily, our other guests provided a non-dairy cheesecake.  (how are they allowed to call it cheesecake, if the main selling point is the lack of cheese???)
Oh - actually, at the end of a very long meal, she was able to enjoy Ted's apple-rhubarb compote.  But not the spur-of-the-moment rice pudding I threw together because I thought it would be nice to have something warm in the sukkah.
Hey, three meals out of four in the sukkah; not too bad for a wet, cold, rainy weekend!


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