Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

So we went

So we went, we got rained on, Naomi kvetched the whole way (it was rather far, with no way for her to sit or stand on any part of the carriage), and then we got to Mrs. ViKi for lunch rather late... like at 1:30.  She was out of the room, and I waited and waited for her to come back to get snack ready and do circle time.  Finally, around 2 (when she usually closes up), the other parent and three nannies started putting on their kids' coats.  Apparently, she'd gone to a meeting leaving instructions for the last person to lock up.
(I hadn't asked where ViKi was sooner because the only other parent who was there was actually one of those parents whose child, I mostly feel, actually would be better off away from her.  Not abusive, by any means; she just seems to have ZERO connection with her child.  I have been watching them for a couple of years now and their interactions seem mostly to consist of the mother barking the child's name from the sofa when the child misbehaves.  Yet she is very engaged and helpful in other ways.  Happy to chat with other parents, clean up, serve food, etc.  Just doesn't seem to feel it necessary to do anything with her child.)
So anyway.
WELL.  I wasn't about to leave without circle time.  So I did circle time - fun! 
And then we came home.
Naomi was impressed:  "why did we get to be the teacher?"  "Who was the teacher?"  "You got to be the teacher today!"
She must have such a warped idea of what school is all about.  Drop in anytime, there may or may not be a teacher, eat a bit or play a bit, whatever you feel like.  Then, somebody leads singing, you eat a snack, and go home.  No wonder she wants to go...!
Worse, GZ fell asleep in the carriage 5 minutes out, so now he is screaming and yelling (playfully) in his bed, not a bit tired.
I think, at least, Naomi Rivka is tuckered out from all that walking.  Hopefully, she'll sleep well, because today is SWIMMING LESSONS in the COLD AND RAIN!!!
Why did not a single one of the four other adults in the room think of doing anything with their children other than packing up to go home?  Bunch of songs, read a book... it's easy!
You can't just leave without a transition; to me, it would have just felt unnatural.  Sure, it's a drop-in, but even the youngest babies know there's a routine.
I am very big on transitions, partly from YM, whose transitions have always needed to be spelled out as explicitly as possible.  But I believe all children benefit from knowing that there's someone in charge, that there's a plan, that life isn't just a series of random events that happen to us for no reason?
I feel better having gotten out.  Lazy Wednesday it may still be, but at least I have my clothes on now!