Naomi is behind me fooling around with her alef-bais flashcards (a terrific hand-me-down from a friend, which are currently scattered around the house because I'm both ungrateful and slovenly), and she held one up to play with.

I told her it was a TAV, that it says a "T" sound.
To which she said, "but what does it say with nekudos?"

So we opened up our alef-bais book (a very shtark reading primer, all in Hebrew and Yiddish) and found the page of tav and we read out the tav-with-nekudos combinations together.

Reading! Yay!

I've always thought Hebrew was way easier to learn to read than English...

Oh, and when we were finished, I closed the book and put it back on the shelf, but Gavriel Zev came along and said "av-bais? av-bais?" So I handed him the book. So he's pointing at pages in it right now, saying "that...that...that..."


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