Made Elisheva happy - FREE!

Now there's a first... no money, just a phone call. I made her do the actual phoning and getting us put through to the correct extension.

At Netivot, she had to take French from Grade 2-5. But when she started at Eitz Chaim for Grade 6, they weren't doing French. Finally, I think in Grade 8, they started French at Eitz Chaim, and it was obviously the basic-level French that Elisheva would have learned in Grade 2.

Now, in Grade 9, she didn't want to sit through what would have been basically the continuation of that low-level class. Plus, I think they only get half a French credit this year; they divide the entire Grade 9 credit between Grades 9 and 10.

So... she was miserable, and I didn't really love what she was learning in the class. The school offers an alternative class, Learning Skills, for girls who don't want to learn French, or can't handle such an academic subject.

It sounds fantastic - in fact, the principal said at curriculum night that he wished all the girls could get the course. It's basically some study skills, some fun get-to-know-yourself exercises. And I really think Elisheva could use some "light" in her crazy-busy 8:30-5:30 schedule.

I told her I'd call the Vice Princpal and have her switched, if it was still possible. IF she made the call, which she finally did tonight. So I left a message requesting the switch.

She definitely has a beautiful accent to go with her very French last name and I would love for her to know French, as well, perhaps, as some of her far-removed Quebecoise history and culture. (The accent isn't a given - her grandfather who gave her the last name grew up on the prairies and cannot speak French to save his life.)

(okay, maybe "aidez moi" or something would do it... or maybe the French would understand "help!" - it's a figure of speech, work with me here!)

But I'm also sure that if she ever needs it, she'll be able to pick it up like THAT. She really does have a gift for languages - or at least a fine ear for mimickry, which is maybe 95% of the type of language learning they do in high school anyway.

She went to bed (at last!) a happy girl tonight, feeling loved at last. Yay!


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