Lovely little teal eco-sack

bag n gourd 003While I was at Lee Valley buying the Blossom Crowns,  I picked up this $5 impulse purchase:  The Pocket Shopping Bag.  It is an almost ridiculously tiny purse tote bag (see beer cap for size comparison – I wasn’t drinking, I was making beer bread!) that opens up magnificently big.  Made in Canada!  By a B.C. company called Betty Bags (on their website, they call it the Patsy Pocket Pac).

The website says the teal model is not available in stores… but that’s what colour I bought, and that’s where I bought it.  Funny, it’s much less wrinkly and more substantial-looking on the Lee Valley catalogue page.

The tricky part will be making sure it gets RETURNED to my purse/knapsack when I’m done using it.  This one is specifically for those last-minute impulse purchases when I do not have a bag.  Beats carrying three ice cream tubs out to the car by hand with no bag…

bag n gourd 006bag n gourd 005


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