Thursday, October 08, 2009

Finally! Sukkos (Last Days) Meal Plan!

Took long enough to hammer out this time... sheesh, you'd think I was sick of all these Yamim Tovim or something!!!  One more to go and we're through...!


Sukkos (Last Days) Meal Plan


Friday / Shabbos





Shemini Atzeres

G Family - meat


Round challah

G fish ballies

Steak Salad

Fleishik Cholent

Green Beans Salad

G fish ballies

Simchas Torah - dairy

M & L, plus bring home shul guests


Braid Challah

Honey/mustard salmon

Pizza bourekas

Salad(s)???  Pasta salad?





Shemini Atzeres

Mommy & Sara - meat


Round Challah

G fish ballies

Squash Soup

Pickled Brisket

Apple Lokshin Kugel



S'more cookie bars

Apple pizza on large pita crust

Lemon blueberry upside down

w/almond paste here

Honey Cake

Simchas Torah

Just us - meat


Braid Challah

G fish ballies

Shaken Baken Chicken

(boneless garlic-marinated)


Apple Lokshin Kugel



Still a few question marks on there, but we're slowly getting it together... maybe a bit too slowly?!?

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