Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Embarrassing Bookshelf Entry…

Trying to be loyal and at least occasionally list something I’m reading, so here are two of my more embarrassing entries to date:

First, an explanation.  I must read to survive.  It’s like that thing with fish, and water.  So during the break in my ASL class last night, desperate, I ran out to the car looking for anything with words and a plot… and found this in the backseat:  An Urgent Message of Wowness, by Karen McCombie.

It must be Elisheva’s.  Pretty good, too, considering.  Snazzy cover, right?  Should only take another hour or so to finish, what with the 10-minute head start I got during the class break.

Then, there is the grown-up equivalent:  A Hollywood Ending, by Robyn Sisman.

Amazon reviewers have given this piece of chick-lit a solid three out of five.  Ugh.  It’s about Hollywood.  And how shallow it is!  Imagine that!  As much as I despise it in theory, as much as I can feel it rotting my brain as I read… the pages just fly past.

So there you have it.  I’m sick, okay?  Not up to my usual highbrow stuff.  But never fear:  I’ll see you back here soon enough with a review of the latest theological, sociological or epidemiological tome by the latest dreary, dusty scholar to bubble up on Amazon’s Top 100.