Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Done... and still to do!

To do tonight (Thurs)

Carrot salad

Gefilte fish

Challahs (taking a break right now; I'll do them as soon as the table dries!)

Bean dip

Puff pastries

Blintz leaves

Veg prep (Ted) for:

                Carrot salad

                Shabbos chicken soup

                Shabbos cholent:  potatoes, carrots

Kids (slaves) Friday


Banna cake

Make filling, fill & fry blintzes

Me to do Friday

Blintz filling

Lokshin for kids' kugels

Cholent onion, then cholent


Slice, dip & bake freezer cookies


... is that really all?!?