Brilliant - or DUMB?!?

  Sukkos... SOCKS... kind of sound like they go together, right?
So we have two bags of unsorted socks in the basement because Somebody is too tired at the end of the day to sort out the socks.
And Naomi Rivka has her sukkah party coming up, and I'm trying to figure out easy, fun games and activities.
temp_sukkosgamesWhat about a Sukkah Sock Game???
Where kids win prizes by creating matched pairs of socks.  I'm sure there are dozens of matches possible out of the two bags, if not hundreds.
Of course I would wash the socks thoroughly before the party.
And stock up on a whole bunch of nice dollar-store type party prizes.
There would have to be an adult supervising (Sara?  Abigail is supposed to do face painting.  Ted?  Or did I ask him to do caricatures?), for many reasons, including the fact that many of the socks LOOK quite similar but don't actually match.  Criteria to determine a match would be:  1) colour, 2) length, and 3) top style - what Jeremy used to call the "shank," for no reason other than it had no name.  The elasticky bit at the top edge is always the toughest to match.  You can have two socks that look completely identical but one has a one-inch top with wide wales (ridges) and the other has a half-inch top with narrow grooves... and they don't match.
Which is, I guess, why we have two bagsful in the basement.
Not sure what I'd do with the socks if they were all matched up.
Throw away the mismatches - yay!
See if anybody here wanted the matched pairs.
Then give the rest to Value Village.
Part of the problem is that Ted's mother keeps sending us (okay, him) new socks.  So it's easier to open the package of new socks than it is to sort out the old ones.
Hence the two bagsful in the basement.
So - is this fweeky bwilliant?  Or just plain weird, the kind of inherited-from-my-father-weirdness the kids will be talking about for years afterwards in therapy sessions...?
(Sara's concept was cookie decorating... ho hum!  Who wants cookies when you can sort SOCKS??!?)
{Thursday p.s.  Elisheva didn’t sneer outright, so we’re gonna do it...!!!}


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