When the going gets tough…

ovens 2009-09-22 001

(supper-making time and the oven is locked!)

ovens 2009-09-22 002…the tough head downstairs, haul the million-year-old, million-pound “Enterprise” away from the wall, swivel the gas connection to the ON position, push the million-pound “Enterprise” back in to the wall, use the floppy broken BBQ lighter to locate and ignite the pilot and… hopefully… with the help of an oven thermometer… get GOING… back in the business of cooking chicken once again!

Vegans would say it serves me right.

Yes, I did also call the repair company.   Just in case  the oven never opens up again, or (even if it does) because I can’t take the chance that this will become a regular thing.  This time, I know it will be an expensive fix.  It’s got to be something fancy and digital and it will require a new motherboard or solenoid or some other part that an oven wouldn’t even have had thirty years ago.

Almost exactly a year to the day that it broke last time (September 24th), but it was a completely unrelated thing.  Apparently, this locking problem is VERY common.  What I wouldn’t give for an old-fashioned, non-digital, unintelligent gas stove!  I wonder if they have any on Craigslist…?


  1. This happened to me once and it unlocked when I unplugged the stove for a few minutes.

  2. That's what I found on the Internet the FIRST time it happened, after a power failure a month or so ago. This is a gas stove, hard-wired, but I accomplished it by unscrewing the fuse. This time, no amount of unscrewing the fuse reset it.

    Like in 2001, I was screaming "open the oven door, HAL," and eyeing the other doors in the house suspiciously. (Reference before your time, but it's before my time, too. By the time I saw 2001, it looked way dated and cheesy.)

    The anticlimactic postscript is that the guy came yesterday and disabled the door lock. The part to fix it will probably be in the $200-300 range. In the meantime, we can apparently use the oven for everything except self-cleaning.

    So yay and not yay. It's still broken, but not AS broken. :-)


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