The Sukkah, 5760/2009 edition!

sukka 2009-09-29 009Drat, didn’t get a picture of the door.

Ted has outdone himself and created two fabulous innovations for 5760:  a door in front (maybe a back door next year?) and a special method of laying in the crossbeams so that they are NOT nailed down and therefore they are kosher to be used as schach.

He has wedged the crossbeams in extremely tightly between “bumps” that he has nailed down onto other beams.  Well, it’s tough to describe but here it is – lovely, as always!

Call it my uber-kitschy upbringing, call me a Lubavitcher at heart, but for whatever reason, I love the look of an unadorned sukkah.

sukka 2009-09-29 006 sukka 2009-09-29 008


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