Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Sparkly at bedtime

"I like sparkly, actually!  Did you know Maayan has sparkly shoes?  Aren't these earrings sparkly?"
The kids are in the nursery.  Naomi is shouting at Gavriel Zev from her bed.  She runs around all day trying to interest us in the various sparkly things in her life... and then, when the day is over and we are exhausted and can bear no more, Gavriel Zev steps in as her listener.
He's a good listener, too.  So flattered that she isn't telling him to go to sleep, like the other big people in his life.
"I would love it if Doctor Israel would come for a... Sukkah!"
"Dotto Ayyo!!!"
"Dotto Ayyo" is our new neighbour.  Naomi Rivka is fascinated with her because she is young and she owns a rabbit.  She has trained Gavriel Zev to scream her name at the top of his little lungs.  "Dotto Ayyyo!!!"  Up and down the block.
Doesn't seem to bother the neighbours yet.
"A braid in the back, and a braid on the side."
"Tomorrow, I'm going to wear my SWEATshirt."
He is the ultimate confidante, a sleepover buddy who doesn't talk back.  He just says "yup!" occasionally.
"Baby, I went downtown with my aunt!"
"Yaay, I'm going to take ballet in the winter time!"
Okay, time for me to go in there and shut them down.  She is just getting more and more keyed up.
It's 9:30.  They both need their rest.