A small strange first

A first:  three of my kids, whether breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, had the very common trait of nursing until they fall asleep and then releasing the nipple so I could gently pull away (I don't remember if you have to pull a bottle away gently, but you sure do want to with a nipple, just in case).
Gavriel Zev was born without this trait.  He could never nurse until he fell asleep and then let go; he would hold on for the rest of his life if he could.
But just now at naptime, he fell asleep and let go.  He didn't seem more tired than usual, but it is the first time I can remember that I didn't have to wedge him off (gently!) with a crowbar. 
Once he let go, he did that sleeping with his mouth slightly open thing that most babies do.  I've never seen him do that before.
He must be way tired, because he doesn't usually fall asleep with nummies anymore at all.  Usually, he's too busy running around the bed grabbing the clock, grabbing the flashlight, or trying to remember not to head-butt me in the chest as he dives back in to take a sip - and then takes off again.
Toddlers.  He turns two on Tuesday.


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