Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


Me at naptime:  "Goodnight."
Naomi Rivka:  "Where is your bubby?"
"She died."
"What did she used to make?"
"What did she used to make?  Neapolitan cake?"
"Yup; what good memories we have of her.  Good night!"
Is this something to be proud of?  After 15 years, I am finally immune to the charms of a contemplative and not-a-bit-tired little person!
They can be so manipulative!
Like the time I was putting YM (not even two) to bed and he said, desperate for a reprieve, "but...I want to talk!"
Me:  "Talk about what?"
"I want to talk..." (trying to figure out something that I'd fall for, that would make me stay a bit longer)
"I want to talk about... loving!"
Me:  "Loving?"
"Want to talk about... loving Mommy!"
Ha ha.  The one topic he figured I couldn't say no to.
(but I did)
Even now, at almost-14 and 15, they do seem to get extra-cuddly and talkative right at bedtime.  Go figure.