Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


These cookies are VERY yummy!  My mother brought over some ginger cookies a few months ago and I praised them extensively because they were so delicious and natural-gingery tasting.  And she said, "well, they're just from a mix."
Seriously, my family actually has conversations like that, like something out of an ad.  "Really?  A mix?  I don't believe it!  They are so chewy and fresh!  I can actually taste the REAL ginger in them - look, there are actual bits of ginger!"
Mixer Mystery Update:
Asked Elisheva AGAIN if she'd seen them, to which she said, "why do you always accuse me of everything???"
Me:  "Hey, wait a second... I haven't seen them since the week you made chocolate-chip cookies to take to Ricki's cottage!"
Her:  "Hmm... maybe I gave them to the littles to lick... I remember I told them to put them in a library bag, in my room."
Ransack room.
Still no beaters.
And now I just remembered that she made those choco-chip cookies on Thursday, and I ate several, so I made PEANUT BUTTER cookies on Friday to replace them.
So I was the last to see them.  Where the HECK are they???