Let’s play… The Game of Tomorrow!

So here’s how tomorrow’s shaping up, now that it’s officially The Last Minute.  I’m thinking of it as a board game – first one to cross the finish line (ie sunset) with an Admit to Class card wins the “Mama of the Year Award.” 

Failure to cross the finish line means carrying the Bad Mama Trophy for the entire school year.

8 am – take Ted to work despite Elisheva’s groans and screams that “it’s too early” (or is that me screaming?)

8:30 am – stop at Superstore to buy challah for Shabbat Party circle time

9:00 am – stop at EC’s Old School to pay unpaid 2008/2009 tuition (due to Board of Jewish Education policy that says your children can’t start at a new school if money is owing to any other BJE school)

10:00 am – home, dress kids, bake frozen borekas, tidy a bit, set up for Shabbat Party circle time, start Chicken Cacciatore in crockpot.

10:30 am – Shabbat Party circle time!  (highlight of Naomi Rivka’s week)

11:30 am – toss kids in car, drive to EC’s New School to pay 2009/2010 tuition (assessed at $1000 more than I said we could afford – hey, thanks, BJE!)

11:40 am – (this is the SNAKE part of this snakes-and-ladders day) return home for forgotten chequebook

11:45 am – go back out to EC’s New School to pay tuition

12:00 noon – offer the school first-born child instead, but he’s a boy and they say no; pay $1000 more than I can afford humbly and take my leave WITH THE ADMIT TO CLASS CARD!!!

1:00 pm – if all goes well, kids exhausted, come home for quick borekas, withstand EC’s screaming because I promised we could go out for lunch one day this week.  Promise her we’ll do it Sunday or Monday.

1:30 pm – if Elisheva is over her screaming, send her only slightly late with Naomi Rivka to the library for Naomi’s last math class.

1:30 pm – if Elisheva is still screaming about how much she has to help with the kids, either take Naomi Rivka myself or stay home and bath both kids.

2:00 pm – either way, bathtime and nummies for Gavriel Zev and then naptime.

3:00 pm – time to cook:  Shabbos is in four hours!!!

7:00 pm – due to a LADDER in this snakes-and-ladders day, four hours pass like twenty minutes, Ted is home from work and gone to shul already and Shabbos miraculously arrives to save us all from our mundane work-week selves. 

Cakes are baked, chicken prepared, the table set with gleaming candlesticks and golden-brown challahs… two malachim accompany Ted and YM home from shul, a good malach and a bad malach.  The good malach, seeing our peaceful prepared home says, “So should it be this and every week.”  And the bad malach must, just simply must, answer amen.  Amen.

Hmm.  Musta bumped my head on something.  Could have sworn I heard malachim chuckling…


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