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"Joining" the Chevra

I've been lurking for a long time on chevra, the largest (that I could find) Jewish homeschool group out there.  I read and posted a bit when YM was first at home during Grade Six.  But I haven't been on much in the last few years, so I decided to jump right in and re-introduced myself with the following:

--- My intro post, from today - September 2, 2009:
My original "welcome" message is below.  This is a brief re-intro, though most of what I said below still applies.
We're an observant family in Toronto.  We have 4 kids, 2.5 homeschooling and 1 who is not.
Several things have changed since my first post, including the addition of one child.  Yay, mazel tov to us!  Except he's almost 2 now.
The kids:
DS1 (YM, 14, 10th grade) is in yeshiva full-time for Jewish subjects but does English at home via online correspondence.
DD1 (ECh, 13, 9th) is starting full-time at a Jewish high school.
DD2 (NR, 4.5, kindergarten) is "officially" starting to homeschool on Tuesday.
DS2 (GZ, almost 2 years old) is just along for the ride!
Looking for support for the limudei kodesh / Jewish side of my kids' education, which is where I feel I am lacking the most experience and knowledge.  Any help from wiser hs'ing parents welcome!
A friend has put together a group of local Jewish homeschoolers, but most of their kids are younger than my 4.5-year-old dd, and most are still swaying back and forth on whether they will hs at all.
With NR "starting kindergarten" next week, I really feel like I'm walking off the diving board... or the end of a short pier.  Eek.
Again, any help/support is welcome, and I hope to check back here more often than every two years now that we are really taking the plunge.  :-)))
--- My original intro post, from May 2006:
> > *How did you learn about the Chevra list?*
> Google search and references from other lists

> > *Please tell us the names and birth years of family members and your general geographic location (state or country).*

> Toronto, Canada
> DH Teddy
> Me - Jennifer
> DS - YM -
> DD1 - EC -
> DD2 - Naomi Rivka -
...and now,
DS2 - Gavriel Zev -

> > *Please tell us about your local Jewish community (or lack of one) and how (or whether) you fit into it.*

> Does anybody ever *exactly *fit in?  We are lucky to
> have a big, vibrant Jewish spectrum here in Toronto
> and are members of The Village Shul, an
> outreach-oriented Aish HaTorah synagogue.  DS & DD1
> have been attending a strongly Zionist religious day
> school.

> > *Please tell us about your local homeschooling community (or lack of one) and how (or whether) you fit into it.*

> New to hs, so I'm not sure who/what's out there.
> Joined a Yahoo group for Toronto hs'ers when I first
> toyed with the idea a couple of years ago. Would like
> to get involved in educational and social events but
> would also like a Jewish context - I feel we wouldn't
> fit in too well with our religious observances,
> dietary requirements and other pickinesses.
> > *What do you hope this list will provide for you?*

> Support, advice on the Jewish side of hs.

> > *Is there anything else you want us to know about you?*

> Umm... I'm new to this - go easy on me! Seriously,
> though I'd considered hs before, I finally fired DS's
> school last Wednesday and he's been hs for less than a
> week now. They were not meeting his educational needs
> and going there was a waste of his time and their -
> minimal - resources.  He is SO much more relaxed now
> that we're learning at home - amazing that he's
> survived so long (6 yrs) in that discouraging
> environment...

> Thanks!