Is it a dietary sin

To eat bread with fresh corn every single week during the summertime?
Today, it's Oatmeal Bulgur bread, which, according to this blog, I've made once before and enjoyed.  To be fair, it was over eight months ago.  But it wasn't like YEARS and YEARS or anything.
So:  Supper!  Today (Wednesday)
  • Fresh backyard garden chard and garlic quiche
  • Oatmeal bulgur bread
  • Corn, corn, corn!  (uh-oh... there won't be any butter left over once I finish the quiche crust!)
Oh, no!  We must eat the corn!  Maybe I'll send Ted to Sobey's for butter.  Some is from Monday when my mother was out of town; the rest is from the City Hall farmers' market today.  The Monday ones got forgotten (doh!) and are still sitting in their plastic bag in the front hall.  Ugh.  They'll probably still taste okay... I hope.


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