Homeschool Must-Have: Days of the Week

homescool 001Here’s what we’ve ended up with for tracking days of the week.

Each of the three big pieces came with four slots to insert the days, but it was a real pain trying to get the corners into the slots, so after only two days, I gave up and added Velcro dots to make the whole arrangement super-easy to change.

And, of course, to Naomi’s great glee, it came with “Saturday” instead of “Shabbos.”  I just flipped the thing around and stuck the Velcro right over Saturday.  Sorry!  I know my homemade one isn’t as good, but I figure it has more character than the other days.

Now that we’ve had almost a month to establish a “school” schedule, next week the whole thing gets flipped on its head as the kids start their Parks & Rec classes:  dance and swimming for each of them, plus my Tuesday-morning aerobics. 

They don’t participate in the aerobics, but it includes free childcare, so they’re stuck in the nursery room at the recreation centre for an hour while I exert myself slightly (it’s a slightly geriatric cardio class; I’m literally the youngest there by a couple of decades).

Which also means we won’t be able to go to our Signing (ASL) Circle Time on Thursday mornings anymore.  Still, it’s not much of a loss; the leaders don’t really use enough sign to make it worth the shlep, plus one of the leaders mentioned they may be putting together a class for older kids (ie > 12 months) who sign.


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