Heal the hole in your soul

By shopping!  Online!  Okay, shopping and food.  Herr’s Cheesies, plus online shopping.  Sigh.

Thanks to Thingamababy’s review today of playing card holders for kids, I went out and bought this one, by a company called Jobar:


I thought about buying card holders many years ago when we were first starting to play Fish and other silly Shabbos card games.  But the only ones I could find were these, which didn’t look like they were really made for kids:


Thingamababy’s review confirms that they don’t really hold cards, as such.  At least not for kids, and not if you want to regularly pull cards out without letting all the cards fly around.

The Jobar one, he says, works fairly well for kids, while the others simply don’t.  Plus, you get two of them.

There are various readers’ suggestions in the comments section, including (this sounds kind of cool) the edge of a wax paper type box (or plastic wrap, or tin foil) with the metal tear strip removed for safety.  But I still blithely went out and found the Real Thing.

And even though he said to absolutely NEVER under any circumstances buy the Peanut Butter and Jelly game featured in the picture on his site (even if it only costs 25 cents!), it is looking like the moronically intriguing type of thing my kids sometimes love… :-)))

Anyway, looking forward to getting our new card holder – yay!


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