Garden High/Low: The Hairy Berries are BACK!!!

doughs 2009-09-11 019Raspberry season, which feels like it just ended (Ted basically ate the last of them while we were in Calgary the first week of August), is gearing up to start once again.  Actually, after taking this picture, I snuck the ripe, red one you see on the right.  Not quite ripe, but close enough.

Garden high:  I love these everbearing plants!!!

doughs 2009-09-11 022I cut back the finished canes in the middle of August so the patch wouldn’t be so cluttered, so it’s a bit gappier in front than it was in July, but more air will hopefully prevent disease and make room for new canes next spring.

I have so few completely unqualified successes in the garden.  I don’t even love raspberries THAT much.  Strawberries (poo-free, please!) are much more my thing, but there is something to love about a plant that loves the dark, dank no-man’s land beside our garage so much that it not only grows and thrives, but spreads wildly and offers truly delicious, sweet ripe fruit.

Hmm… so if this is a Garden High post, what’s today’s Garden Low??? 

Garden Low:  I’ll pretend to be miffed about the two or three kids and their mothers/nannies tripping through my backyard perennials.  I realize we don’t have good grass or nice flowerbeds, but I’m trying…!  And you have to teach kids to Respect the Beds.

The truth is, I don’t mind much because my perennial beds are nothing much.  It’s more about the principle.  They’re not called beds for nothing:  don’t jump on them!  The plants are resting there!


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