Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Gaaah... still UP!!! :-o

Spent most of my "productive" time this afternoon up to my neck in Neapolitan cakes... leaving this evening to single-handedly create:
~ Pumpkin cheesecake
~ Cinnamon rolls, and a... 
~ HUGE ginormous mega-lasagna
The lasagna doesn't sound like much, but involved a bazillion steps:  cook & drain pasta, cook & drain spinach, boil down garden tomatoes & basil into a sauce & blend with tinned tomatoes and paste, blend spinach, ricotta and egg, and then layer the whole mess together.  It's currently taking up a full shelf in the downstairs fridge
Luckily, Ted was here to make his trademark famous Netivot Cookbook Salmon!
Right now, I'm shvitzing as the oven self-cleans.  Three challahs to roll out and I'm done for the night!  (morning?)
(they'll rise in the fridge)

Still to cook tomorrow (Friday):

Dairy soup (leek/tatoe)

Pareve cholent

Roast beets

Chocolate olive oil dessert

Finish squash soup

Make & bake Ginger cookies (from a mix, shh, don't tell...)

Broccoli salad

Sushi salad

Bake cinn buns

Streusel & bake challahs x 3


Not bad... not impossible at all.