Figured it out

This week when things are busy busy, I am trying hard to remember Nanny's mother's prayer and be thankful that I have things I need to do and a body which is strong and capable of doing them.
Still.  I figured out that a big part of the stress of this week is potty-training.  
I am keeping him naked most of the time at home, at least from the waist down, and basically, we're running with him every time he says "kucky."
Which is, of course, always at the last minute, and often a minute too late.
So I'm also running around wiping up a hundred "spills."
And there is the associated screaming.
Note to self:  cereal bowls with Corn Bran (pillows) must go on coffee table or some other raised surface.  Lots of screaming when they were in the bowl on the floor.  He was leaning over to munch them when he had an accident, half-drenching them in the stream.  Ew... I'm never using that particular bowl again.  He screamed and screamed because I took away his cereal.
Not that this is a complaint.
Busy hands are indeed a bracha.
A busy life seems to be better for me than the opposite.
So I'm thankful.  And potty-training.  All at the same time!


  1. Oh dear. I always thought that the "naked all day" thing was done outside. You're a brave, brave woman to be doing it in the house!

  2. In summertime, we make very little distinction between "inside" and "outside." Bugs, squirrels, rain, raccoons, shoes off, naked tushies...and that's just our living room!


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