Erev Yom Kippur

limz 002 The limes are for tomorrow night’s Lahm Pah (aka lime pie, but you have to say it with a southern accent!).
We’re supposed to be eating at my mother’s after the fast, and I know for a fact that she invited at least one of my sisters, but when I spoke to her today, she sounded a little mystified that we might want food.  And not just a little food; I figure we’ll probably want a lot of food!
She said she had a couple of packages of blintzes and some bread in the freezer.  I suggested gently that we might need a bit more.  So I bought Dempster’s bread and some extra blintzes.  She’s providing tomato soup.
As for tonight – we’re eating alone, as usual:
  • Challah
  • Shabbos Soup w/peas
  • Chicken w/marmalade
  • Sesame Green Beans from Shabbos
  • Corn from Shabbos (or fresh)
  • Potato/Broc Kugel


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