Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)


OK, only slightly.  But sometimes I wonder if the kiddos are getting anything... and then something happens and I miss bedtime, and I get to find out.  Kind of a reassuring ache that tells me I am still (6 days out of 7, at least) kind of needed in that body way that babies have.
I wonder because now that they're old enough, they complain, both of them, when there isn't enough nummies to go around. 
I was actually expressing some for Naomi Rivka the other day, just to prove that there was still nummies there.  I think she was just too tired / lazy to get at it!
Last week, she said, "if you were in a family where there was only one child, then that child could have both nummies, every time."  Wistful look.
I said, "well, yes... that's what you had all the time, until..." and then I didn't want to blame Gavriel Zev, but there was no other way to end the sentence, so I did.
She kind of looked at me wonderingly for a second, then went back to slurping.
They are both sometimes more into "meta-nummies" than the actual experience.  At bedtime, Gavriel Zev will pull away, rear back to the foot of the bed, roll around and play for a little bit... and then take a running start at me (okay, a running crawl across the bed towards me) and glomp onto me.
Carefully!  He never, ever uses teeth, so I let him.
He is also using nummies as a time to practice the concepts "wet" and "dry."  His nummy is "wet" but if he switches sides, it quickly becomes "dry."  And then he switches back again.
The only thing I hate is his proprietary approach to my belly scar.  He grabs it and kneads it and scrapes it with his dirty little fingernails.  I swear, I'm going to get an infection from him one of these days.  I tell him not to, but as far as he's concerned, everything that goes on underneath my shirt is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.  It's PRIVATE.
That kid gets very offended, very easily.