Drat! What a GOOD idea: free Jewish kids' books!

If you are a Jewish family in one of many, MANY places around the US and Canada (including Quebec, Alberta and Manitoba, but NOT Ontario), you can receive free Jewish books and CDs, one a month, for the first year.  After that, there's a requested donation to continue receiving materials.
The service is called PJ Library, and if you live in one of the nice Jewish communities that sponsor memberships, you can sign up here
Otherwise, sorry!  Like me, you're outta luck.  :-(
I really REALLY thought long hard about asking my mother-in-law in Calgary to sign up for Naomi Rivka and Gavriel Zev.  But decided that would be unethical, considering you are supposed to fill out the form indicating the community in which the child lives (not the adult requesting the books).  Drat!  If only they had not been so specific... or I so ethically gullible, since I'm sure many people are ripping them off.  (for free Jewish kids' books, presumably to help their kids identify more Jewish; can't be too much harm in that...)


  1. I get you on the ethical stuff. My MIL just signed Temima up without asking. I never knew there was that question... but what's done is done :) I don't think I'll ask her to sign up Shua, but... I won't object if she does it on her own again.


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