Friday, September 11, 2009

BEATS me...

If you were our fleishik beaters, where would you be?  I have been so happy with our arrangement:  one mixer sits permanently plugged in in the living room with two sets of beaters.  If we're whipping cream, we use the dairy ones.  If we need to whip eggs or whatever for a Shabbos meal, we use the fleishik ones.
For the last two Fridays, we have been unable to find the fleishik ones.  This is something we use ALL the time... we may need to get new ones, and run the risk that the beaters won't be compatible with the mixer we have now.  Two different mixers?  WAY too complicated...
(yes, stuff occasionally splatters on the mixer... we wipe it off right away and I don't consider it a kashrus problem)

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