BAAAH! Cold!

Sick and miserable:  I think this is a COLD and not ALLERGIES as I am usually sitting here suffering from.
The good news is that - as someone told me a couple of weeks ago - Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed, generic cold meds) is generally considered SAFE for breastfeeding, in that a less-than-significant amount is passed to your baby.
The bad news is that - especially in late-stage breastfeeding - it has the capacity to reduce breastmilk by 25% (how do they measure?).
According to Kellymom (great site for all things breastfeeding-related!), phenylephrine is considered just about as safe.  However, I've never heard of it or seen it in any type of cold remedy.
Not that we can afford decongestants at the moment, anyway.  We'll be lucky to have chicken on the table this Shabbos.  Baah.  Miserable!


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