Awake, too early

For once, it's not the kids' fault.  Ted's alarm went off, and I can't go back to sleep.
I cannot believe that, in less than a year, I have totally trashed my body with lousy eating and not enough sleep.
Just can't believe it.
I know we don't make resolutions for Rosh Hashanah, but it's time and I must.
I have justified the lousy eating in so many ways.  Dumb excuses, like:
~ Just had surgery
~ Travelling messes everything up
~ Shiva - oy, who's going to eat all that FOOD?
~ My father just died, I'm feeling sorry for myself
~ It's Pesach - who's going to eat all that FOOD???
~ I'm busy with the kids; give me a break
~ I'm sick,  I'm tired, I'm miserable... give me a BREAK!
Except the other day at the playground with the kids, I found myself sitting more than running and jumping.  Granted, I had just come down with the Death Brain Virus from Heck, but still.
Even if I'm not turning forty in a few months (I'm not!), I don't have to let my body fall apart.
I loved having some semblance to my original weight.
I keep saying it's not about the weight, it's about being healthy.  Certainly, I don't think it's healthy to yo-yo.  Maybe I don't need to starve myself again...
But since my aerobics classes are starting again in a couple of weeks, I may as well take these few weeks to make it a little less shocking to stare in the mirror and a little less of a shock to my system to get bouncing to the music.
Yes, I know Yom Tov's coming up.  (Who's going to eat all that FOOD?)
Well, I'll eat some of it!  Hopefully, others will do their share.  I don't think too much is going to go to waste.
Eat less, move around more.  The Dr. Laura diet.  Sigh.  But it works.


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