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And the other thing about paper diapers...

Yes, paper diapers.  We had to switch GZ because the cloth diapers developed such a terrible stink!  And then he started having a -ahem- small sore on a sensitive private area. 
I thought the two were related, but then later, thinking about how much he's been diaperless lately, decided it was perhaps just from irritation due to exposure to surfaces and activities that one's private parts are usually covered for (mealtimes, etc).  I really need to find a bunch of little Size 2 boy underpants for him!
Anyway, the cloth diapers still stink, and I was feeling sorry for myself because the clothesline broke.
But today I washed them up nicely and hung them on the old umbrella-thingy in the backyard and hopefully they will not only dry but sun a bit and get the stink out.  I plan to leave them there all week.
And in the meantime, baby boy is in PAPER diapers.  Gasp!
And the other thing about paper diapers... besides the mega-blowout in his crib two days ago when poo went literally EVERYWHERE.  (I thought they were supposed to work super-well?  absorb super-well?)
The other thing is... they STINK.
I mean, poo stinks more in the chemically environment of a disposable diaper.
NOT that my baby's poo doesn't usually smell.  But usually, in a cloth diaper (or, I might add from recent experience, on the floor), it smells like POO.
(aren't you glad you clicked to read this post?  I'm trying for a record number of times saying the word "poo" - so there; poo!)
In a paper diaper, it smells HORRIBLE.  Not just poo, but horrible.
It's not my imagination, it is just a horrific whiff of something really super bad on top of the poo.
I really REALLY hate the smell.  Luckily, he seems to be not wetting them very often, because even that is an awful smell.
I have said before that Mrs. ViKi's, our local "parenting" drop-in (usually frequented by fifty nannies) absolutely reeks of artificial diapers when the nursery room is full of kids.  It is a chemical smell, mixed with a rot smell, mixed with just a hint of something deodorizing that attempts to cover it all up.
But does not succeed.  Boy, does it not succeed.