Week of Swimming, Marmers Farket

Driving home, passing Eglinton West subway station, and passing a subway as it pulled out, Naomi asked if we could take the subway sometime soon.  YES!  I happily told her.  Tomorrow.
The City Hall farmer's market is far from my favourite (little contact with actual crop-growing people, no organic standards - and one booth actually has a sign with the claim that "no chemicals" were used in raising their produce)
(Hello?  Ever heard of H2O???  That's one chemical I'd certainly appreciate your using when you grow me my cucumbers!)
Anyway, not my favourite, but at 10-15 minutes each way, it earns top marks for easy of access.  And it's about halfway between my sisters respective places of residence, should either of them be in town and want to join us.
And there is a nice picnic park next door in front of Osgoode Hall.
I am just so wiped out, both from these dumb tuition forms and from this being the second day of two-kids-back-to-back-every-single-day swimming lessons.  With me in the pool for one of the lessons.
This is WHY I only signed one child up for every-single-day lessons.  But then the strike came along, my well-planned once-a-week lessons for Naomi were cancelled... and here we are.  Every single day.  Blah.
Maybe I'll ask Ted if he wants to take Gavriel Zev in the pool tomorrow.  They always have a great time!


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