The Unstoppable Parade of Time (Thyme?)

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 068Since I posted one of this thyme walkway last year, here’s a picture of the progress along my modest “walk of thyme.”

I’m pretty happy with the way it’s filling in, though I had to replace some that died over the winter.   (okay, YES, that is a dandelion right in the centre of the frame here!!!)

In fact, I’m pretty pleased with the appearance of the herb bed overall. 

(the bright yellow thing at bottom left isn’t thyme, btw… it’s Golden Oregano which overwintered marvellously well)

I was worried that they’d get in the way of the square foot beds.  Most people tend to leave empty space or some type of paving around their SFGs, but with the size of my garden, I can’t afford to have any area where nothing grows (except the walkway, of course!).

I think the herbs mostly complement the beds and benefit from a little runoff manure and compost.  In one case, though, some ivy has found SFG #2 a bit more comfortable than the surrounding soil and is trying to root in there.  Must pull it out at some point before it takes over…

  garden aug 09 2009-08-09 069garden aug 09 2009-08-09 070

The thing on the right is a plain green sage that is new this year.  I am hoping it will survive the winter back there, but none ever has, so far…


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