To do list: August back to school

August's To Do's tend to turn into "To Buy" lists... need major cash infusions to make it through the month.
~ Hear back from schools about tuition; dicker if necessary
~ Buy seforim - both big kids
~ Buy English texts - both big kids
~ Shop for regular school supplies:  pens, pencils and those inevitable "pocket folders" that I never used in school but they are now required to show up on the first day with fifty of them - per kid.
~ Buy YM a hat
~ Buy YM a new suit jacket
~ Buy Elisheva practical school shoes to wear instead of the "butterfly shoes" she just emailed that her grandmother bought her (but they're Coach!)
~ Find acceptable tights and knee-highs for Elisheva's school
~ Find dark socks for YM so he doesn't look goofy in dress pants and white socks (I hope his grandmother bought him shoes like she said she would)
Hmm... is that it???


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