Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Slugs ate my broccoli!!!

harvest 001Well, I decided my beautiful broccoli growing in Sub-I planter #1 was ready… and got outside to harvest it for quiche, only to find it looking decidedly bedraggled and coated in unappetizing shiny trails. 

I suspect slugs, even though I felt like the container was pretty much slugproof.   Where can they be hiding?

As cheesy as it is, I suspect Sub-I planter #3, the makeshift stuck-together one, is probably the most bug-proof and slug-proof, since it has an  open “moat” of water that may help discourage the critters.

Slugs don’t seem interested in tomato foliage, luckily (unlike the beans, which are having trouble getting started), and here is one tempting morsel almost ready in Sub-I planter #2:

 harvest 002

Hard to believe that huge tomato “tree” started out not even three months ago looking like this:

Sub-irrigated planter SIP #2

Why did I even think that little cage was enough to stand up to “Early Tiny Cherry”?!?

Two more garden-related points of interest as I sit here nursing a still-sleepy boy:

WPT!  Worm-Poop Tea, day 3.  Finally have some sunshine to set this in for a while to steep.  Ted’s off work this Friday; maybe I’ll get a chance to sprinkle some of this around after circle time.

 harvest 003

And finally, in the good-harvest news:

I cut back all the leaf-minered chard last month, down to about a 2-inch stump, and they grew back beautifully, almost completely unmarried.  I’m planning to fry them up with some green onions and this lovely slightly-spicy “Pimento” sweet pepper to throw into tonight’s supper quiche!  I also picked some basil, celery and parsley just because.  Have to find a use for them somehow.

 harvest 004

So, it’s been a while, but…


Sunday night:

~ Chicken Nest at Mommy’s house

Monday night:

~ Homemade lemon/lime-thyme and nasturtium-petal bread (Naomi’s concept)

~ Tinned cream of mushroom soup

Last night (Tuesday – Ted working late):

~ Superstore chicken

~ Rice

~ Stir-fried multi-coloured peppers

Tonight (Wednesday):

~ Farmers’ Market Corn on the Cob

~ Garden-Chard Quiche

…???  Hmmm…. needs something else, but I’m not sure what at this point!