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Reservoir (sub-i) Planters Early August Update

What a blah title.  But what zowie zestie zingie plants these are!!!

Sub-Irrigated Planter #1:  Children’s Garden Roma tomato, plus store-brought broccoli seedling.

 garden aug 09 2009-08-09 034garden aug 09 2009-08-09 036garden aug 09 2009-08-09 035
Sub-Irrigated Planter #2:  “Early Tiny” cherry tomato, plus Sweet Chocolate Sweet Pepper (somewhat mauled by some kind of critter…).

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 037garden aug 09 2009-08-09 038

       garden aug 09 2009-08-09 039 garden aug 09 2009-08-09 040

Sub-Irrigated Planter #3:  Ildi tomato, plus Sugar Baby watermelon

(the watermelon, sadly, isn’t doing much of anything.  NOTE TO SELF:  next year, buy all watermelon and cuke starts as seedlings… it is NOT worth it to raise them from seed!!!)

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 031garden aug 09 2009-08-09 032

Amazing!  The slow, controlled access to water has really helped the tomatoes not split, blacken or explode.  And because it’s harder for critters to get into the containers, they are much less susceptible to that kind of damage also.

Now, I’m not counting chickens before they hatch, but it seems like we just MIGHT have some yummy tomatoes around here before too long…