More worms – don’t look!

Done!  The worm compost is fully sorted, and here’s what I got…

worms2 2009-08-10 002

Now here’s where it gets gross.  That little pile on the right-hand side contains all the worms I manually picked out of that huge pile on the left.

Meaning… don’t look.  A LOT of worms are hiding there!

 worms2 2009-08-10 005

Ew, eww, ewwww…

It is a VERY good thing that this composting thing helps the world, because I absolutely cannot stand worms.  I respect them a great deal since I have been gardening, but we have, at best, an “understanding”, the worms and I.


  1. Glad to see you're making such good use of the vermicomposter and its contents in your gardens :) It's great.


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