Last from Calgary

Leavin' on a jetplane... oops, in just over six hours.  :-o
Once again, must go upstairs... sleep, wake up, shower, and race to catch a plane.
It's been too short, but it's been just right.
This place is home, but it is not-home at the same time. There are ghosts here, mostly ghosts of me and the life a lifetime ago that I barely remember.
I just realized this evening, with the huge moon hanging low, low, low over the endless horizon... it all started exactly twenty years ago this month:  my first summer in Calgary, my summer in love with Jeremy, his summer on Maui, longing to get back to me so we could get on with the rest of our lives.
Lives that have turned out so, so differently.
What a bracha these children are:  there was no other way they could have been conceived.
I love this place because here is where two of my children came from, in one way or another.
Have I let my 19-year-old self down by not being more, doing more, by now?
Hey - non-sequitur - we stumbled upon Stephen Harper's constituency office!  It's right upstairs from the Glenmore Landing Safeway store where, occasionally, a few kosher things can be found for double the real price.  So we made jokes about him coming downstairs for pizza.  Hey, maybe he goes across the street to Karen's Cafe in the JCC for their fabulous tuna melt!
I'd better get some sleep.


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