"Julie and Julia"

Saw this last night with my mother and sister.
For me, the message of the movie is not so much, "cook your heart out," or even, "live unafraid."
It is, "keep blogging, and eventually, readers will come.  And a book contract!"
Dangerous!  And probably highly unlikely.
Wish I could think of something to get me on the "one-year-committment-and-blog" bandwagon.  Hey, I know! 
I'll write an inane, utterly disjointed and non-sequitur ridden blog... at least a few times a week for at least the next year! 
It will be achingly well-written and utterly irrelevant to anything in your life because it's all about MOI.  (that means me)
And on that, you have my promise, dear reader(s).


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