Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Homecoming: Garden High & Low

Garden high!

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 052Almost all the hostas are getting ready to flower (except the one in front that’s finished already), but this amazing “Fragrant Bouquet” truly betrays the hosta’s close relationship to the lily family.

Besides revealing a towering bouquet full of huge flowers that look and smell like gorgeous lilies, this one features the greatest slug resistance of any in our slug-infested backyard.  Not 100%, but it looks way better than some of the others.

I bought two of these at Superstore on sale for $4.99 each.  What a bargain, and I can’t wait to see them in future years, once they increase into more than one plant!

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 051  garden aug 09 2009-08-09 072 

Then there’s today’s Garden Low

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 094This is a “Chocolate Stripes” tomato growing in the Vesey’s Revolutionary Tomato Planter.  Because my experimental plantings have no control group, I really can’t tell if this is the fault of the planter, the gardener (this thing hangs under the eavestrough, so I do need to top it up by hand, even after lots of rain), or the species.

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 095However, I planted one of these in my mother’s rich backyard bed soil and it’s only doing marginally better, so maybe I can blame the plant…

Disappointing compared to the other hanging planter, which is full of an “Early Tiny” tomato.  NOTE TO SELF:  “Early Tiny” must go in a huge container with good support.  In a hanging planter, I fear it will soon grow all the way down to the ground, kinda defeating the purpose of having it hanging up!!!

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 025

You can sort of see it in this picture, in the green grocery bag, hanging down, clashing with the Sweet 100 tomato that’s growing from the ground up!

garden aug 09 2009-08-09 003Oh:  here’s a better one!  See?  Almost to the ground!