Ha ha ha… the last (diaperish) laugh

When I went to hang up the diapers to air out the last remaining stink from earlier,  I found this about halfway down the basket.  This must have been the culprit, but I swear, I didn’t put it in there.  This is just the plastic exterior.  Goodness knows where the filling stuff went, because it was just GONE.  Ew.

diaper 002

I sure do hate disposable diapers!


Sunday night:  At Mommy’s, Joe Boo Cookoo’s wings and assorted stuff-on-the-side

Last night (Monday):  Hot dog bbq, creamed corn, yum

Tonight (Tuesday):  Fresh herb sourdough bread, if I get around to making it; Tortellini w/some kind of sauce (basil?  do we have enough tomatoes, or did we munch on them all…?)


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