Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Goodbye, goodnight!

Off to Calgary in the morning.
It is the morning!
And I'm still not packed yet!!!
Gack and double-gack.
How the #%!^ will we all fit in the car - WITH LUGGAGE???
I mean, the whole lovely thing about this car is that it's not a van, it's not a minivan, it's a TALL STATION WAGON that happens to seat seven.
And there are six of us!
Leaving exactly one spot in the car to hold...
2 suitcases for assorted little-kid stuff (booster seat, potty, dolls, toys, Naomi's inflatable Dora bed) plus food
2 duffels of my clothes & little kids' clothes (one each), plus toiletries (MUST PACK TOILETRIES)
2 suitcases for YM & EC's clothes
1 duffel for YM & EC's pillows (don't ask; pillows accompany us everywhere)
1 carry-on for me (diapers, wipes and more diapers)
1 carry-on for "Naomi" (food for the trip)
2 carry-ons for the big kids (including Elisheva's much-loaded iPod nano, thank you very much!)
1 stroller
2 carseats (okay, technically, those are already in the car - it's the fact that they must come out at the airport that is daunting right now)
Must rest now.  Somehow.