Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Garden High / Low: Merdes et fleurs dans le lit des fraises

I just couldn’t bring myself to say it in English!!!

waterplay 036 Low!  More yucky yucky animal poopy stuff in the strawberry bed.  Argh.  Again.  You are just lucky the Internet does not offer smell-o-vision yet!

My feeble discouragement tactics are clearly not working.  waterplay 037Once again, I covered the evidence with straw (okay, if I wasn’t feeling hot n’ lazy, I would remove the evidence – would that help?) and then sprinkled the bed with various strong-scented protective (& deodorizing) herbs, as well as the stems of three milkweeds I cut down before they could go to seed. 

gay cravat daylilyBut this week’s high is – I keep forgetting to take pictures of these new daylilies!  Here’s “Gay Cravat.”  Lovely, tall & stunning in the back corner of the bed (yup, the aforementioned poo / strawberry bed…).  I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth from at least three out of four of my $5 daylilies

The fourth, “Pandora’s Box”, hasn’t bloomed yet, no signs that it will so far, but at least it’s  healthy and growing well.  As for the more expensive “Night Beacon” daylilies from Home Depot basically look like grass.  No scapes, no buds, nothing.  Not even healthy grass.

In case you’re wondering, the rescued daylilies are all growing well in their pots, however, none has any sign that it will flower at all this year.   Darn…