We are thinking

Well, I am thinking.
And when I think, apparently, everybody around me thinks.
About aliyah.
If we're going to be impoverished and miserable in a falling-down, too-hot, too-cold home... why not at least do it in the place we belong?
Timeframe?  Maybe four years?  When Elisheva finishes high school; we could follow her to seminary!  Hopefully dorm in with her and everything!!!
I guess I have said some of this already here.
I love the patch of earth that surrounds my home... as for the house bit, I could do without that.  Blah.  :-(


  1. You could maybe try a moshav, lots of land there.

    Just think of all the yummy things you could grow in Israel! Kumquats, oranges... yum!

    We'd miss you, though.


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