Stayin’ Alive!

Two weeks since my last update about these fruit trees from seed, so although you’re probably sick of seeing these two plants over and over, I’m not, and it’s my blog.  So there.

So:  lemon (left) and mango (right).

paving 013 paving 015

That’s all – keepin’ it simple!


  1. What kind of lemon seed is it? Most lemons were grown on different root stocks. It will be interesting to see how your guy turns out.

  2. It's just a regular storebought lemon... most people who are serious about lemon-growing here have to grow Meyer dwarf plants that bear full-sized fruit. They're way expensive fully-grown, however, and I haven't found any cheap ones yet. I might be able to do a couple of years bringing this baby in and putting it out, but like a baby alligator, it will likely soon outgrow my ability to care for it.


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