Son of “Sunny”…

Drat, just remembered I’m supposed to bring a snack for circle time tomorrow.

Anyway.  Totally irrelevant!

I have searched and searched but cannot find a single reference in this blog to last year’s astonishing sunflower that volunteered and grew all summer and into the fall – out the side of the compost bin. 

How could I have failed to mention it??

To remedy that, fast, here it is:

Volunteer compost-bin sunflower  Volunteer compost-bin sunflower volunteer compost-bin sunflower

This is the biggest, healthiest sunflower I have ever grown.  It didn’t really need staking, but I didn’t want anything to happen to it, so I drove a metal thingy down beside it just to make sure.  Absolutely pristine leaves, gigantic.  All that compost!

So the reason I was searching for pictures and references to it is because… its children have taken root and are flourishing, if not directly in the composter, then in the shady pathway alongside it.  Actually, the biggest,  healthiest one is, in fact, right beside the composter.

The leaves are definitely not pristine, but they’re still growing pretty nicely considering I have done nothing to care for them, and, in fact, knock them over pretty routinely as I brush past down the path!

volunteer composter sunflowers

I wonder – do sunflowers grow in Israel?


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